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Established Franchisors


Your business is unique. You need personalized legal advice and a Franchise Disclosure Document that is tailored to your business, not pre-packaged documents that do not reflect the care that you have put into crafting your franchise system. Maslyn Law PLC understands this. Maslyn Law PLC offers franchisors at every stage of development practical, personalized services that can help your business grow — from the design and roll-out of new franchise systems to the management of mature franchise systems consisting of thousands of outlets.

Franchise Agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents

Maslyn Law PLC clients benefit from our experience in representing companies in a wide variety of industries. Our experience working with many industries and many unique business models allows us to quickly understand the nature of each client’s business. We also understand that every franchisor is different and we are committed to understanding what makes your business unique. We take pride in drafting documents that reflect the personality and sensitivities of each of our clients. We tailor each agreement used by our franchisor clients to that client’s particular needs. We do not use “form” agreements. But, we are able to effectively and efficiently produce franchise agreements, development agreements, master franchise agreements, area representative agreements, and many others because our experience allows us to borrow the best ideas from other business sectors and apply them to yours.

We have drafted and updated dozens of franchise disclosure documents (under the old UFOC format and the FTC’s current FDD format) and obtained state franchise registrations and exemptions in every state. Our familiarity with the nuances of the new FTC Franchise Disclosure Document, its predecessor the UFOC Guidelines and the various state requirements for disclosure allow us to minimize — or avoid — any interruption in the franchise sales process.

International Franchising

We have extensive experience in preparing international franchise agreements (both master franchise agreements and direct franchise agreements) and we are familiar with the growing international trend toward required pre-sale disclosures throughout the world. We have helped franchisors expand their systems into Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia (including China) and the Middle East.

Franchise Counseling

Our experience in representing many franchisors in many industries has given us the perspective and experience to help our clients address each of the unique issues that periodically arise in the operation of a franchise system. In particular, we routinely counsel our clients on the enforcement of system standards and the termination, non-renewal and transfer of existing franchises, including the various state law limitations relating to these activities. We help our clients negotiate and enter into supply arrangements for the franchise system. We help our clients implement and maintain their own internal procedures for ensuring compliance with state and federal franchise laws through a sales and administrative training sessions. We also provide our insight and assistance in communicating with franchisee associations, including negotiating system wide changes with franchisee input.