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Existing Franchisors

Your business is unique. You need personalized legal advice and a Franchise Disclosure Document that is tailored to your business, not pre-packaged documents that do not reflect the care that you have put into crafting your franchise system. Maslyn Law PLC understands this.

Start-up Franchisors

Some franchise “experts” offer off-the-shelf franchise programs into which they will try to shoehorn your business model. We do not. We take the time to understand your business and what makes it unique and we craft a franchise program that is personalized to fit your needs.


Before you buy a franchise, a franchisor must give you a copy of their “Franchise Disclosure Document” (also called an “FDD”). The FDD contains copies of any contracts you will need to sign and a lot of information about the franchise system, the franchisor and the franchise relationship.

Manufacturers / Licensors

Manufacturers have a wide variety of distribution chain models to choose from. Maslyn Law PLC has experience with all of the most common forms of distribution chains -- e.g., distributors, dealers, licensees and sales agents.