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Troubled Job Market Drives Young Professionals to Franchisees.

Category: Franchise Law Small Business Published on Nov 11

A recent Business News Daily article discusses the experiences of young entrepreneurs facing a challenging economy. The article includes the story of Aaron Dilley, age 24, who began his career as a school teacher. When Aaron became discouraged with a public school system he felt lacked passion for education, he began searching for another position. However, an underwhelming job market and devastating national unemployment rate made his search difficult. Despite this, he considered starting a franchise and now owns Best in Class Education Center, which specializes in providing math and English tutoring.

The article suggests that entrepreneurship through franchising is allowing some young adults to create their own opportunities in a poor job market. Some young adults feel franchising provides them the support of a reputable brand name and business model, while still allowing them to contribute their own insight and expertise to the company.

The article stresses that young entrepreneurs interested in franchising should do their homework. The article explains, to get started, it is imperative to keep a number of points in mind. For example, find a franchise that is closely related to your interests and allows you to use your technical expertise. Be sure to do your homework on the product/service/industry, and know them well. To make the transition smooth, working with a franchise lawyer on how to legally set your business up will ensure you alleviate any missteps down the road.

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